Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you enjoy looking at Fuck Cunts...

...but do not enjoy the fact that you cannot do so at work because your boss/company is fucking uptight and have some kind of filter or ban on websites with mild profanity in their url?

Man, sucks to be you. I was you once, so I know that it definitely sucks to be you.

Chazmazing AKA Chaz-a-ma-tazz AKA Archi-Chaz was in your boat, rowing alongside you, until he put his thinking cap on and found that if he added Fuck Cunts to his Google Reader, and then changed the subscription name to something a little more tasteful, he could enjoy this incredible blog to his heart's desire

I'm not sure what Google Reader is, but hopefully you do.

I've come up with some suggestions of names you could change the subscription to, because I like to make your life as easy as possible, seeing as you strike me as kind of a lazy person.

1. Productivity in the Workplace - The Employee Edition
2. Tree Sap Enthusiast
3. Gifted Nanas
4. The Common Marmoset
5. Firearm Concealment; An Illustrated Guide
6. Monster Rooster

You're welcome.

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