Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hi Carl.

I think I might be gay.


The Day Today, today...

...arrived in my letterbox. If you're not familiar with Christopher Morris' seminal but sadly short-lived TV series, The Day Today, then SORT IT OUT. Like all good TV shows, it was perhaps misunderstood by the vast sea of dullards known as society, and had only one season. Perhaps there was another reason, I'm not sure, but either way it left us too soon. Thankfully what we did get given was good enough to induce permanent lulz.

If you know me and I like you, feel free to borrow it. If you don't know me, or do but I don't like you, I'm pretty sure all of the episodes plus the mini news as per below can be found on the nets.

Friday, July 23, 2010


D. M. Bowers

Fuck Cunts' freelance art correspondent, Mirerva, sent me a link to David M. Bowers' website the other day, suggesting that I might like his work seeing as I am so infatuated with Liam's realism.

Quite right Mirerva, quite right.

DMB paints with oil on linen, which I am told is a dying classic medium, and he does so beautifully. Mirerva likened Bowers to Mark Ryden, who is also worth mentioning. I really like Mark Ryden's paintings, and a few years back had to decide between buying a print of his Californian Brown Bear painting, or a print of Audrey Kawasaki's Karamari. When I say 'buying', I do of course mean 'being given', and I ended up 'buying' the Audrey Kawasaki print.

Of course, I would love to 'buy' a David Bowers or Mark Ryden painting or print, so if you're rich, can I please buy one?

D. M. Bowers - State of the Nation

D. M. Bowers - The Tool Guy

Mark Ryden - 60 California Brown Bear