Thursday, July 22, 2010

You might have noticed...

...those new buttons at the bottom of each post.

I don't really know what they do, and think they look pretty ugly, but Blogger told me to put them there. I'm fairly sure it means you can more easily share shit that I put on here with other people, which I would implore you to do. The sooner more people come to this blog, the sooner I can quit my day job and make Fuck Cunts a full-time gig.

Also, sorry it's been a little quiet. I've had A LOT going on. Some would say the standards have been slipping a little. I would strongly disagree with that accusation, but never-the-less, will aim to lift the already atmosospheric standards you have come to expect from FC.

Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're reading too much into my comments blog master.

This blog is a higher priority to me than my second coffee of the day; sometimes it even comes close to co-mingling with the first coffee if I'm forced to drink instant*, and it's read BEFORE any coffee if that instant coffee is 'international roast'.

Thanks for putting those cute little buttons there, one day when I can afford a twitter account I'll be sure to twat some of your art around the internet.

*I am in no way comparing this blog to instant coffee.