Friday, July 23, 2010

D. M. Bowers

Fuck Cunts' freelance art correspondent, Mirerva, sent me a link to David M. Bowers' website the other day, suggesting that I might like his work seeing as I am so infatuated with Liam's realism.

Quite right Mirerva, quite right.

DMB paints with oil on linen, which I am told is a dying classic medium, and he does so beautifully. Mirerva likened Bowers to Mark Ryden, who is also worth mentioning. I really like Mark Ryden's paintings, and a few years back had to decide between buying a print of his Californian Brown Bear painting, or a print of Audrey Kawasaki's Karamari. When I say 'buying', I do of course mean 'being given', and I ended up 'buying' the Audrey Kawasaki print.

Of course, I would love to 'buy' a David Bowers or Mark Ryden painting or print, so if you're rich, can I please buy one?

D. M. Bowers - State of the Nation

D. M. Bowers - The Tool Guy

Mark Ryden - 60 California Brown Bear

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