Friday, July 16, 2010

And while we're on the topic of Charles Darwin... is a bat-shit christian idiot trying to convince you that evolution doesn't exist because life doesn't spew out of peanut butter jars.

I am always in two minds whether or not to post stuff like this. On one hand, and for the most part, I think it's best to ignore christianity. I used to think that one should battle against it, but I am beginning to feel that it's fruitless. Perhaps you could convince a few people, which would be some small victory, but will fighting the onslaught of idiocy result in an ultimate win; a world banished of the bible? It is very depressingly unlikely.

On the other hand, does that mean one should abandon the effort? Indolence surely does nothing but worsen the situation. If you're not part of the solution etc, etc. My gut feeling is that pathetic offerings from the church like that above should be publicly ridiculed so as to strengthen and encourage any similar feelings of hate for humankind's biggest fuck up.

Do I hate christianity? Vehemently so.

In this video response to the above video, another bat-shit christian tries to defend the peanut butter claim, and then goes on in an attempt to defame atheists, with appalling results.

"What Darwinists try to sweep under the rug is that that (sic) evolution from a common ancestor can not occur without an original ancestor"

Or in lay terms, life cannot come from the lifeless.

What a stupid motherfucker. These people do themselves no favours. The last time I checked, the theory of evolution doesn't state that apes just suddenly appeared, fucked around for awhile and then quickly morphed into humans. Life as we currently know it has evolved over millions of years, beginning from single-cell organisms, and slowly but surely the microbes mutated, and mutated again, and so-on and so-forth until wha-laa, here we are. Despite it being incredibly complicated, it's really quite simple.

And one last thing, I wish these fucks would stop bandying about their christian frontman's academic achievements as some kind of proof that his theories are as legitimate as someone with real intelligence. All you are proving, you cunts, is that stupid people can educate themselves.

Fuck I need a beer.


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with you, but I'm curious why you hate on christianity so much.

Personally I think all religions are fucking stupid and sick and do far more harm than good.

Ian Human said...

I'm definitely in the same boat as you Anon. I don't believe in the need for religion, and I ultimately despise them all. Though, there are a few with doctrines I can respect. Buddhism for example. But I think a human who needs a set of rules written by religion to live by, isn't a human at all.

Why focus on christianity? Because it's what is mostly presented to me. Because of all religions, I would argue that it does the most harm, and because nearly a third of the world's population are christians, so if you're going to fight something like this you might as well start at the top.

Al said...

The mention of fallacy was a mistake. They forgot to mention "Faulty Analogy" as in Peanut Butter+a brief amount of time = matter + energy on a universal... since the fucking big bang time frame. And "Questionable Authority" like his presentation is an "empirical study" and his academic cred.s are worth a damn.
Keep up the good fight, or just call them all assholes, what's the difference? Anybody with half a brain is already on "the winning team" you can keep yours "peanut butter man!"
P.S. I am "religious" and believe in Christ. But I don't think he was anymore "God's Son" then the rest of us. And I don't read the Bible literally, if you do stop cutting your hair and go kill a goat or something.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Al.

Thanks for your response Ian Human, interesting call to say that christianity does the most damage.

Rob said...

Ok... what the fuck?? How did this guy get to the point he's at now giving bullshit seminars etc without realising that what he's saying isn't actually an argument to evolution at all... he's talking about an entirely different thing that even evolutionists don't even claim to know the answers for. It's a big question that there are a lot of possible theories for and many unanswered questions, but at least the gaps of knowledge in the properly scientific theories aren't fudged over by using 'faith' as the fix-it-all...

Don't know why but more than usual these got me really pissed of. To think that some people who can't think for themselves might see these videos causing them even to throw the smallest amount of doubt on their belief of modern science sickens me. I looked around to see what comments were being made about this guy, and I was pretty ashamed to be a human when I saw the amount of ignorant support the guy had. There was one pretty good comment that I saw though so thought I'd share.


"The theory of evolution does not claim to explain how life arose, that is an entirely separate scientific question. Evolutionary theory offers the most rational and plausible explanation of how, once life did exist, the original, presumably identical life-forms became the huge number of species now known.
The theory of evolution is equally viable whether you believe that life arose spontaneously in a mixture of chemicals or was created, whether by a chap with a beard and robe, or in any other way. The fatal flaw in intelligent design, as a scientific theory, is the lack of an explanation where the designer came from. A religious creed is under no obligation to explain the origin or nature of God but if it relies on faith it has no place on the science curriculum; intelligent design as a scientific theory must provide proof of the existence of the designer or a plausible theory on his or her nature and origin."

Anonymous said...

I like crunchy better than smooth. It makes me feel like I get more value for my money when I spread it on my slice. And by slice I mean penis.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the post above was not by the me, the regular anonymous. Fuck Jesus.

JAMS said...

well, that's it. i'm out of the atheist game.
this sunday will be the first (of many to come, i assume) sunday i spend in praiseful worship of our lord, saviour and creator!

Thanks Ian, you've opened up a whole new world to me!

Anonymous said...

Does "regular" anonymous realise that anyone that comments anonymously to this blog will in fact be tagged as anonymous, and that there may in fact be one other person of the estimated 1,802,330,457 current internet users commenting on this blog?

So let me be the first to say, Welcome to the Internet "Regular Anonymous" and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Oh and stop putting peanut butter on your junk it's creepy.