Monday, July 5, 2010

The internet's heart...

...pumps cold, dark blood.

You will surely remember the earthquake warning video I put on here awhile ago. It was made by Frankie McDonald, and I'm not sure if you looked, but he had his own channel on Youtube which was entirely self-produced, and featured over 150 videos of Frankie giving news and weather updates.

They were truly fantastic, completely heart-warming, only marginally informative, and were the kind of thing that makes up for the fact that the vast majority of content on the internet is utter fucking trash.

I just went to go and get a new Frankie McDonald newscast off Youtube because I decided I wanted to start doing a Frankie McDonald Newscast of the Week post, and was bewildered to find that they have all been deleted. 'Why would that be?' I asked myself. And with a little looking around, was able to answer my question.

It appears that Frankie was so hurt by people making fun of him on Youtube after his sudden rise to fame, that he quit making videos, and deleted his entire channel. That's sad as fuck.

In this video, Frankie gives a very sullen good-bye to Youtube.

Shame on you, internet. Shame on you.


Anonymous said...

You contributed to this.


Ian Human said...

Indeed, there is blood on my hands. By posting his video, I surely cannot avoid some degree of accountability.

But I loved Frankie. His raw enthusiasm, and pure innocence reminded me that not everything in this world is shit. I applauded his efforts, and mourn the loss of his mark on the www.

Anonymous said...

How do we bring him back?