Monday, August 15, 2011

I like the post below this one...

...which is an image by 'artist' Stephen Shanabrook for Comme des Garcons. It reminds me of Nigel Tomm, whom you'll see Junko charges with ripping off Charlie White (see Work, 2008).

So I guess that means that I ripped off Stephen Shanabrook, who ripped off Nigel Tomm, who ripped off Charlie White.

Judging by the lower half of this post on Shanabrook's work, it would seem he isn't totally averse to heavily lending ideas from other artists. See also the comments section of that page.

"Thinking about it makes me know that the artist used painstaking process to summarize the face into a single scrunch. The blonde hair coming out of a scrunched face is an oxymoron for me."

"how brilliant is this! it represents beauty's tragedy so well..."

Now will you please excuse me, I need to go throw up.

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