Monday, August 15, 2011


Anonymous said...

dear blogger, PAPER SURGERY Series, that had been picked up by Comme des Garcons it is a collaboration between myself and Stephen j Shanabrook. if you would pay more attention to the dates on the website you did link to ( that you would see that we did it in 2004. what brings us to who ripped who etc. best, Veronika Georgieva
( excuse my english if it's not exactly correct, not my first language )))

Ian Human said...

Hello Veronika, thanks for stopping by. And yes I see you're right, thanks for pointing that out. So I suppose I should rearrange my sentence to read "So I guess that means that I ripped off Nigel Tomm, who ripped off Charlie White, who ripped off Stephen Shanabrook & Veronika Georgieva".

Oh course, this is all in jest anyhow. I really have no clue bout art, nor do I wish too.

Do you have a website Veronika? Can you send me one of your t-shirts?

With love,

Ian Human

Anonymous said...

dear ian, in art it's pretty irrelevant who rips who anyway.. i just wanted to point you out about the dates... i work with stephen , so his website is mine as well. paper surgery project was first collaboration, but from 2010 all projects we are doing together. and - sorry, no, we don't have a t-shirts. never made any))
take care, v