Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I don't give much of a fuck about phones...

...or technology or anything like that. I am passionate, however, about hating Apple as much as my mind will allow. I think they are an awful, awful company. I saw an article in the news this morning about how they have blocked Samsung from selling their tablet (that's what an iPad is, for those of you already too committed to the Apple lexicon) in Australia.

I'm not going to get into it, because it is very very boring, but this one paragraph caught my eye:

"The dispute between the companies began in April when Apple sued Samsung in the US, claiming the Galaxy products “slavishly” imitated the designs and technologies used for its iPad and iPhone".

I can settle this one if they'd like me too.

Having just rid myself of the iPhone I was gifted, I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S2, and I can confirm that the Samsung phone in no way imitates the iPhone, because it is in fact much much better and more advanced than an iPhone could even aspire to be. It is lighter, the screen is bigger, the interface is smarter and more customizable, the camera is better, the video is better, there are less restrictions, and the apps are just as good if not exactly the same.

I picked up an iPhone 4 the other day and honestly thought I'd gone back in time.

Basically, if you are in the market for a new phone sometime soon, and you have the option to get something other than an iPhone, and you still get one... you are a bit of an idiot. Don't feel locked into the Apple family. Steve Jobs is a cunt of a Dad. Disown the prick, do some research, and adopt yourself into a better home.


Anonymous said...

I understand you hate Apple but hate it compared to what? All those small locally run ethical and environmentally responsible computer tech firms that don't have legal departments or obnoxious marketing and don't build planed obsolescence into their products and don't tie their customers into propriety systems and won't fuck over anybody or anything to protect their bottom line.
Oh wait, there aren't any.
Samsung spends as much time suing other tech companies as Apple does. Suing other companies is a routine part of running a major tech firm.

Ian Human said...

I don't debate nearly anything you have to say there.

I don't hate Apple 'cause they are 'The Man', and Samsung are this really nice husband & wife team from South Korea. Nor do I hate them because they are suing other companies. Though, the grounds for this lawsuit I do find reprehensible and extremely narcissistic.

I think to suggest that there is another company that purposefully tries to entwine it's users into their systems more-so than Apple do is fairly ridiculous. It almost seems to be their sole focus. I haven't experienced anything on the Samsung phone that attempts to cement me into using Samsung products yet. Unless you count good technology.

But, to answer your initial question, compared to what? Compared to every single other computer tech company on the face of the planet. That isn't to say that I actually like any of the others with any amount more than a modicum, but as far as I am concerned, Apple is not the lesser of the evils as I used to think; it is all of hell.