Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I deleted my Facebook account last week.

Never in my life have I experienced a website more desperate for you to stay a part of it than when I was 'deactivating' my profile. It was quite pathetic, actually. And a little angering. So now if you want to be my friend you have to actually call me, or text me, or like, come to my house. MIND-BLOWING CONCEPTS.

Or wait until I reactivate it.

Anyway, I'd normally post shit like this on Facebook, but now I can't, so you poor saps will have to suffer the overflow.

Kate sent me this photo she snapped of me and the most awesome person I know, Miles. (I'm the big one, not the little one). So along with being a pretty great cyclist, it's evident that Kate is also a pretty great photographer too.

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