Monday, November 29, 2010

This would be hard...

...if it was really calm and sunny. In a headwind and relentless cold rain, it's kinda ridiculous.

Today's plan of 160kms to Bateman's Bay was not met. After delaying this morning's start from 7:30 to 9:30 while we waited for a mythical break in the rain, and then spending too long in Nowra looking through opshops for clothes to wear while ours pointlessly dried in a laundromat, we were desperately behind schedule when we regrouped in Ulladulla.

After a cookie and a coffee we rolled out with the intent to knock off the last 55km and reach Bateman's by 8pm, but when we stopped by a bike store to buy the third raincoat of the ride and had the shop guy tell us the road there was suicide at this time of night, we felt the temp drop another couple of degrees and a unanimous 'fuck it' was heard.

Day Two - 116.56kms.

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