Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girl Talk - All Day

I kept seeing the album art for this on various blogs, and seeing as they posted no further info, found myself repeatedly thinking 'what the fuck you hipster cunts, helvetica projected onto a skeleton is NOT interesting'.

Then today Jimmy indirectly showed me this link which is a list of Girl Talk songs showing you what samples are being used as they play in each song. Pretty nice little idea that one. Thanks Jimmy.

Having never heard of the Girl Talk album on the site, I googled it's ass, and found that it's his fifth and latest album, which in a true GC move like Indian Summer, has been released FOR FREE on the internet! Bully to you, Girl Talk! BULLY!

It is intended to be listened to as one continuous track, but is also available as separated tracks from Illegal Art's website below.

Girl Talk - All Day


Anonymous said...

i thought you were like a designer n shit. tht's avant garde, not helvertica, my man

Jimmy said...

if only i had a sick blog to link to.....

(i don't)

Ian Human said...

Yeah, it should be abundantly clear that I don't give a fuck about design anymore. A quick check of the A and Y and I was happy to settle for Helvetica.

Jimmy, I'm sure that if you did have a blog, it would indeed be sick.