Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ride was nearly over before it began for me. Arrived in Sydney around 11am and headed straight to Glebe Markets for breakfast. After hanging out there for a couple of hours I make my way back to the hotel, anxious to unpack my bike and set it up. 3pm and I'm in my room pulling apart Cecil's expert packing job. Everything looks good, except the skewer for my front Shamal is nowhere to be seen. Stress ensues. I double check all the packaging and then call Cecil: they're sure it was packed and can't find it in the workshop, but it is nowhere to be seen. Not-very-long story cut even shorter, Cecil Walker's excellent run of service continues. They call Clarence St Cyclery and buy a new one for me, and I'm down there with it in my hands all before their 4pm closing time. Phew. Fucking nice one.

Bike's ready, I'm tired as shit, let's do this.

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