Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let Me In....

...so I can burn your fucking house down, Hollywood.

I keep forgetting about this, and then something reminds me and rage boils up all over again.

Absolutely awful writer/director Matt Reeves felt that he obviously hadn't received the recognition he deserves after writing never-heard-of-it TV show Felicity and directing boring-action-bomb Cloverfield, so he turned his attention to something that was already brilliant, and just re-did it so that half-wit fucking Americans can get a hold of it and give him a big old pat on the back for doing basically nothing at all.

Reeve's latest bag of shit is a remake of the absolutely amazing Swedish film, Let The Right One In. Let The Right One In was released only 2 years ago, so the fact that a remake has already been produced is just mind-boggling to me. It's fairly clear that there are two main reasons for this travesty. One: up until now Reeves' resume reads like a parody of good film and TV, and he saw this as a way to make it look like he had talent. And two: it was decided that your average American movie-goer was too fucking thick and unimaginative to possibly watch a foreign film with those annoying little words down the bottom, so instead of marketing the Swedish film, just redo the whole thing.

Now, if you are an American reading this, don't get your knickers in a twist, because it's abundantly clear that if you are here, you're not one of the half-wits I'm talking about. I automatically assume anyone that reads this blog is highly intelligent. Or at the very least, moderately.

Anyway, look at this, and then never look at it again:

Fuck you Matt Reeves.

Look at this guy, don't you just want to glass him?

In conclusion, I beg of you dear readers, do not waste your hard-earned money on a ticket to see Reeves' hoax film Let Me In, and instead, go rent Let The Right One, make yourself comfortable at home, and watch one of the best films to come out in a long time.


Anonymous said...

I just cried tears of vomit.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely on-fucking-point. There is no logical reason for let the right one in to be remade, filming, acting and directing were all incredible in the original.

Anonymous said...

Ian, what is your take on Funny Games (both versions)? I mean this in the deepest respect, since I think Funny Games is excellent and would probably appeal to your sensibilities.

-Anonymous Cunt

Ian Human said...

Interesting question Anon#3. And in a beautiful show of hypocrisy, I've never actually seen Haneke's original Funny Games, only the American version. Though, I would defend that by saying that at least he made the American version 10 years later, not 2. And at least it's his own film, and he has enough artistic merit to make the anglicised version a worthwhile companion to the original. Something I am sure Reeves will have failed to do with Let The Right One In.

And in answer to your question, I absolutely love Funny Games. I walked out of the cinema totally unsure of what I thought about it, but it buried itself in my head like a tumor and now when I remember it I get excited at how great it was.