Friday, October 15, 2010

Introducing... Boy In Da Corner.

What say you to a couple of albums to start a fucking rainy Melbourne Friday?

First up, an absolutely killer hardcore record from Bars. And from what I can tell, the only one they've released. I can't find out much about them so can't tell you anything, apart from that it's a solid album that makes me want to ride my bike head-on into traffic in a storm. Get it.

Bars - Introducing...

And then on to a modern classic from Dizzee Rascal. He can make all the dance-hop with shitty euro DJs he wants, Boy In Da Corner is so good that even if he got together with that horrible cunt Lady Gaga I'd probably forgive him.

Not really though. If that happens I'm deleting all of his albums from my library.

Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner

Oh, also, if ever any of the links I provide don't work or give you a shitty download, let me know and I'll try fix it. I don't download this stuff myself, just find the links for you fuckers, so have no idea what's in the final file.



Dylan said...

Dizzee 404'd.

Ian Human said...

Cheers Dylan, fixed it up.