Friday, June 18, 2010

Andrew Zuckerman

When I put that little bit off to the right there about submitting stuff if you think you're better than me at the innernet, I was fairly confident that one of two things would happen. One would be that nothing would happen at all. Or two, that someone would submit something that either isn't funny, isn't interesting, or is about 15 years old.

I'm sure that the latter will definitely happen sometime in the future, so if you do submit something and I don't post it, don't take offense, it's just that you're no good at this kind of thing.

Mirerva - however - is good at this kind of thing. When I saw the 'FC' label appear in my gmail this morning I was scared. If it's shit do I email back? Do I just ignore it? I hope it's not that picture of the sausage dog in the hot dog bun. Thankfully it wasn't shit, nor was it the picture of the sausage dog in the hot dog bun.

Andrew Zuckerman is a photographer who has released a book simply entitled, 'Bird'. It features photographs of 75 different birds shot by Andrew with help from bird trainer Erin Estell. Honestly, I'm still not 100% sure I believe that they are real photographs. Shot against a crisp white background, my brain tries to tell me that the colours are too vibrant and the edges too sharp for them to be anything other than very nicely done illustrations or CGI. But alas, they are photographs. And Andrew Zuckerman is so technically proficient with a camera it's scary.

Check out a few more shots here, and a write up about it all here. And be sure to have a look at Andrew's site for more incredible photography.

Thanks Mirerva!


Johnson said...

I thought this idea looked familiar. He did another book called "Creature" that I almost bought a few months ago. might have to reconsider that decision.

This also made me lol. you should post it -

Mirerva said...

I didnt believe it either, then I watched the little filmy thingy. Simple thinking delivered by brilliant workmanship. New Scientist rules.