Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank you to everyone...

...that took part in my first poll. It was extremely hard and stressful for me to leave it up after I foolishly omitted the word 'you' in the question.

Nearly 25% of the people who view this blog have either pissed or shit themselves due to high levels of intoxication. That's disgusting. This guy Tom who I knew in New Zealand regularly soiled himself when he got too drunk, and was somewhat proud of it. His nick-name was 'Bung-eye'.

Also, Blogger returned a result of 22% & 77%. What happened to the other 1%, Blogger?


Anonymous said...

I came close this one time.

So I didn't vote.

-Anonymous Cunt

Ian Human said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to include yourself AC, I will try to make the available answers less black & white in the future.

I voted no. But I have on many occasions, poured myself a bath when extremely drunk, and then passed out in it. So it is entirely possible that I urinated in the water and didn't realise.

-Ian Human xX