Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When I browse the 'Reader's Comments' section...

...on news websites, I truly despair for humanity. Seriously, right through to my core.

If you ever wanted evidence that the large percentage of humans are absolutely hideous, pathetic creatures, just go and have a look at the comments section on say, theage.com.au, or nydailynews.com.

It's so easy to be surrounded by like-minded peers, blissfully unaware that there are swelling masses of disgustingly ignorant cunts who go about their daily lives all around you, all over the globe. I am fully convinced that for me, the largest draw-back to the internet is that it has made me aware how truly horrible a lot of people are. And I feel sick because of it, because I know that it will never, ever change.

So what am I supposed to do? Just ignore it? Accept it as an unflinching truth of existence, and instead just try to enjoy the company of people I know who are actually decent human-beings?

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Anonymous said...

examples, please.