Tuesday, June 28, 2011


...this blog 'turned 2' on Saturday. How about that. I was fully aware of the fact before the fact, and I considered doing something to mark the occasion. But then I couldn't really be fucked, because really, who cares. Is it an achievement? No. Not at all.

It is interesting to think about what's happened to me in the last 2 years I guess. Perhaps not for you it isn't, but it is for me. I've moved house once. Witnessed the birth of my totally, totally amazing son Miles. Mourned the death of Milo's Granddad. Rode my bike from Sydney to Melbourne. Heart-breakingly split from Miles' mum. Smashed my face into the concrete. Broken my hip. Perhaps cheated death on a couple of occasions. Drank more than I think it is cool to admit. Lived alone in a former family home. Been horrendously poor because of it. Had a great housemate move in and turn it back into a home. And now here I am. I'm sure more has happened, but I can't be bothered thinking any more about it.

In regards to the blog. Well, this is the 3,692nd post. That's 2.96 posts a day. Well over 90 albums have been uploaded for you to steal. I've gone from loving it to hating it more than I care to remember. In fact, just last week I was a finger-twitch away from deleting it. I used to be a little obsessed with updating. For the moment however, if I never made another post I'd be fine with it. Depending on which stats website I believe, I've had either 6,754 page views, or 101,529. I don't really get how that works, nor do I care. I occasionally wonder how many followers I'd have if I succumbed to the hip allure of tumblr. I never will though. Oh, except for the two secret tumblrs that I had which didn't last for very long. In one, I posted a lot of the stuff I think about but never speak about, no matter how atrocious. In the other, I posted every single text I received. Both were amazing, both have been deleted. I hate tumblr a lot.

Anyway, I stated above that I thought about doing something to mark Fuck Cunts' 2nd birthday but I couldn't be fucked. Clearly, I have just done that anyway. That's me, though. I'm a bit of a fucking hypocrite.

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