Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I haven't been updating much lately, have I.

There are a number of reasons for that, most of which I don't think I'm going to share on the internet. One contributing factor is my sudden lack of a computer at home. I still have the internet though. There is wireless ADSL floating around my dwelling, aching to load some shitty tumblr or a porn site.

Also a large chunk of the internet is now blocked at my work.

Also, I've been drinking fairly heavily, fairly often. As a result of that, I haven't been injury free since December 23rd. There's a sack of what I presume is blood on my hip. It sucks.

If you've emailed me in the last 2-3 months, I probably haven't replied. Sorry about that, I just don't really feel like typing and am also quite a forgetful person.

I'm sure things will go back to normal some time soon, or they might not. Who really cares though, right? At the end of the day this is just a fucking blog and it means nothing.

Thanks for sticking around though.


1 comment:

Dylan said...

Fuck yeah, drinking heavily for the fucking win!