Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Death Jam

I'm going to start making jams to give to people I've offended, and sell for a nominal fee to people who visit this blog.

I started this weekend just been with my first Death Jam, which is Blueberry (with a generous amount of Cointreau stewed in). I've got two jars left, and these ones are free because I'm not super happy with them. They still taste good, I'm just not super happy with them. If you want one, email me first or second and I'll send one to you, as long as you're in Australia.

If you think the logo is a shit as I think it is, don't blame me, blame Rick Rubin.

And if you are easily offended, which would be mind-blowing to me because this is Fuck Cunts, don't get one, because every label has a corpse on it.

UPDATE: First batch is all gone. Probably make some more this weekend.

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