Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm only putting this here because I know that sometimes vegetarians look at this blog.


ben b said...


Ian Human said...

That's what us meat-eaters refer to as the 'Devil's Delicious Dance', Ben B.

What you are seeing here can actually be explained very easily with a little Science. You see, as an animal waits to be prepared for consumption, no matter how dull the animal may be (sheep for example, or baby seals), it is always aware of the fate that awaits it.

Naturally, the animal experiences an intense wave of excitement with the knowledge that it is going to be able to offer itself up to our palate. When this happens, the animal's brain sends out enormous amounts of happy chemicals like serotonin and the animal's nervous system begins to tingle as though someone with nice long fingernails was lightly running them over it's epidermis.

These phenomena continue to exist even once the human has slaughtered and begun to prepare the animal for consumption. Regardless of there being a brain present or not, the animal will continue to feel excited and gracious right up until it has been digested.

What you are seeing in the video above is perhaps the peak of these frog's excitement. Obviously, to season an animal often signifies a moment very close to consumption. These frog's are very aware of this fact, and are clearly unable to contain their excitement.

Any other Scientists out there feel free to step in, but I'm pretty sure I've covered everything.

Anonymous said...

pretty clear these frogs have only just been slaughtered.
as per the proverbial chicken with it's head cut off the nerves of these slimy bastards are being stimulated by the salt.