Friday, December 17, 2010

The srbosjek was worn over the hand and was used by the Ustaše militia for the quick slaughter of people in concentration camps.

In the Jasenovac concentration camp competitions in speedy slaughter were organized by the Ustaše. The winner of one such competition, Petar Brzica, slit the throats of 1,360 prisoners.


Paddy said...

On the night of 29 August 1942, the prison guards made bets among themselves as to who could liquidate the largest number of inmates. One of the guards, Petar Brzica, boasted [81] cutting the throats of about 1,360 new arrivals with a wheat cutting knife that became known as srbosjek ("Serb-cutter"). Other participants who confessed to participating in the bet included Ante Zrinusic, who killed some 600 inmates, and Mile Friganovic, who gave a detailed and consistent report of the incident.[82] Friganovic admitted to having killed some 1,100 inmates. He specifically recounted his torture of an old man named Vukasin; he attempted to compel the man to bless Ante Pavelic, which the old man refused to do, although Friganovic cut off his ears, nose and tongue after each refusal. Ultimately, he cut out the old man's eyes, tore out his heart, and slashed his throat. This incident was witnessed by Dr. Nikola Nikolic

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Fucking disgusting.