Friday, September 24, 2010

I watched...

...Boy last night. Really really great film, check it out if you can.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Boy. How that shitter became New Zealand's highest grossing movie is beyond me. Well thats not entirely true, the fact that there are literally billions of christians in the world proves people are as a general rule fucking retarded.

But I digress. Taika Waititi is known to not shy away from shameless plagiarism thinly veiled by gratuitous kiwiana kitsch bullshit.

Eagle Vs Shark anybody?


"An Oscar-nominated local director is denying accusations he ripped off a little-known Christchurch musician with his music video for a top New Zealand band.

Singer-songwriter Thomas Coffey said he was "hurting" since he saw the Phoenix Foundation's clip for "40 Years", and was struck by its similarities to his music video "A Memory of You", shot for $400 in 2005.

"My heart dropped when I saw it," he said. "It seems too similar to be a coincidence. I just went, 'you know, this is an issue'."

The "40 Years" video, released this year to a positive reception, is directed by and stars film-maker Taika Waititi, best known for his Academy Award nomination for short film Two Cars, One Night in 2005. The videos are both "one-shot" clips, centred around singing joggers, wearing moustaches, headbands and retro, adidas-style tracksuits. The joggers change costume and encounter strange obstacles as they run for the duration of the song.

Coffey's bandmate Ben Trower, an occasional drummer for their group The Steve Parr Slide, has been protesting about the alleged plagiarism as a "point of principle" on video-sharing website YouTube, to which Coffey's clip was uploaded in 2007.

"The videos are overwhelmingly similar. The concept and execution is identical," said Trower. "When someone who's got a bit of a headstart does something so incredibly similar and gets recognition for it, it leaves a sour taste."

Coffey's self-funded clip has gone relatively unseen, getting only a few plays on music television channels at the time of its release, but was entered into a music video competition several years ago for which Waititi was a judge.

But Waititi said he did not see Coffey's film in the competition, and the similarities between the two clips were "a complete coincidence".

"I understand about intellectual property. But if I was going to copy someone's music video, I'd look further afield than Christchurch," said Waititi, who recently directed episodes of hit HBO show Flight of the Conchords. "It's only a music video in New Zealand; no one saw my one and no one saw his too."

Phoenix Foundation frontman Luke Buda said the similarities between the clips were "an unfortunate accident".

It would be easier to believe if Taika hadn't been on a judging panel at "Handle the Jandel" where Thomas Coffey's Original music video was submitted, a year or so before the Phoenix Foundation Video. Also of note Taika's One Night Two Cars short film screened at the same festival that Napoleon Dynamite opened at, a year or so before he had the "Idea" of Eagle Vs. Shark.

I wish I could get that hour and half of my life back, but I can't. Thanks for nothing Taikia.

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Anonymous said...

Keep crying little bitch. Boy did sick in NZ and raked in the cash. Don't like it? Keep crying like a little bitch HAHAHAHAHA. You will only get fuckheads agreeing with you

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about people talking tough on the internet, but I'm as wet as Mawsynram right now. Look it up. It's wet.

Plus I like his sense of humour, you can tell he's funny too from the "HAHAHAHAHA."

Lets meet up R/L.


P.s. You're a chick right?