Monday, September 6, 2010

I was thinking about something...

...when I was walking back to work from lunch just now. Why is it that when someone gets a new Apple product, they feel compelled to tell the world about it? How many times have you seen fucking status updates and shit like that which say 'YEAH JUST GOT MY iPHONE 4 I'M BALLIN', or, 'OMFGZ I'M IN LUV WIF MY MACBOOK'.

When was the last time you saw someone's Facebook status say, 'JST PICKED UP MY NEW MOTOROLA RAZR - YUSS!'. Or a Twitter thing saying '@joeythepoperatzinger DAMN GIRL MY NEW DELL LAPTOP IS LIKE HOT SEX'.

I'll bet half of you are getting all defensive right now, because you've done exactly what I'm talking about. It's cool though, chill. The whole reason I started thinking this was because I nearly did it myself. Then I thought, why the fuck would I do that? Who fucking cares? And for what's it's worth, I only got a hand-me-down, and only because what I was using got completely fucked when I was being a jerk on Friday night.

The people at Apple must be pretty proud of themselves. They have somehow managed to create a culture in which their customers do a large percentage of their marketing for them. You have to give them credit for that. But that's all the credit I'll give them, because they are still responsible for the world's shittest product, the iPad.


brendan said...

i even get annoyed when they say "iPhone" instead of just "phone". as in, i'll call you on my "iPhone..."

FuckHeadOnline said...

What the fuck happened to my comment?

You know what the other problem is, when you talk to someone about a non-apple smartphone or tablet it's inevitable that they'll say something like "oh so is it an iPhone sort of thing"

Get fucked you ignorant apple eating twatterized asshats,


Dan said...

here is where it begin [or near enough i suppose]:

Fully agree with the iPhone/Phone comment!

Anonymous said...

So true, so true ianhuman. You should see my Nokia 6280... one of the only ones left without an iphone I feel strangely inadequate cause I can't check in the toilet... Horatio

Anonymous said...

Its funny... when something is unique and different and few people know about it people fall head over heals for it and then as soon as it's common or mainstream people become haters! Be it music groups or electronic products I see the same phenomena occur.

"They have somehow managed to create a culture in which their customers do a large percentage of their marketing for them."

You know how they do that!?

By creating fucking awesome products which work intuitively, look fucking awesome, are designed to last and use the most resilient and recyclable materials possible. IE: Aluminium, glass, stainless steel, etc.

And you know why no one comments about their recent purchase of a Motorola RAZR or Dell laptop? Because they're shitty products designed to cost as little to manufacture as possible, with large amounts of planned obsolescence designed in and they don't work in an ecosystem like Apple shit does. People realise they're getting reamed and they don't like to make that public knowledge.

It's like people are suspicious because a person likes a product enough to recommend it and be vocal about how much they like it.

Fuck me!

It's like hating Park Tools because every bike mechanic you talk to recommends them!      

Ian Human said...

Sorry I didn't respond to your comment until now, 'Anonymous'. I tried to reply earlier using my 'fucking awesome' iPhone, but unfortunately it's browser wouldn't allow me to type in the comments box on Blogger.

So, are you accusing me of disliking something for the entirely superficial reason of it being popular? I'd be careful about what allegations you make. I don't give a shit if something's mainstream or not, all I care about is if it's good and deserves it's reputation.

Do most Apple products look good? Yes they do, I agree with you there. I also agree that their operating systems are reasonably intuitive, which is nice.

"...designed to last". Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously? I have NEVER owned an Apple product that I would label in that way. Yes, they generally have a fairly durable exterior, but Apple electronics are garbage. I've never owned an iPod that lasted longer than it's 1-year warranty. My G5 Power-PC tower completely shit itself twice. My current iMac wont operate in temperatures above 25° and has currently locked itself in Darwin mode.

Work in an ecosystem like Apple does? Have you ever taken an Apple product back after it's suffered a minor electronic malfunction? The headphone jack started cutting out in my iPod awhile ago. An incredibly simple piece of electronics, which is incredibly easy to fix. What did Apple do? They just gave me a new one, and got rid of the old one. 'We don't repair iPods, it's costs too much'. How eco-friendly of them.

Once again, yes I agree with you, the Motorola was a bad example because they are terrible, but I think you've missed my point entirely there. How about a Samsung Galaxy? Do you truly believe that Apple make the only exciting electronics products currently on the market?

I'm not at all against being vocal about great products whatever they may be. In fact I do it quite often. And I do on the most part like Apple products as much or more than anything else I've used. But do Apple deserve the absolute monopoly the have on consumer enthusiasm? Most definitely not.