Friday, June 26, 2009

I watched Letterman last night...

...and on it, St Vincents played a song from her new album.

It was pretty good.

Then, I happened to find a link online to the album, Actor, so now I am listening to that and it's pretty good to.

Pitchfork don't mind it, either:

Pitchfork: 8.5
"In "Actor Out of Work", an atypically straightforward rock song early in the album's sequence, Clark uses the title phrase as a sad epithet for an inappropriate yet attractive suitor with an inability to lie convincingly. Acting, of course, is a lot more than just lying and pretending. It's about inhabiting characters, being able to fill in subtext with cadence and gesture, and having the empathy required to understand the motivations and actions of the person being portrayed. With that in mind, the album is perfectly titled, as Actor proves St. Vincent as an artist capable of crafting believable, complicated characters with compassion, insight, and exacting skill."

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Matt said...

Man, Pitchfork writers are terrible. This guy writes like a dorky english major dropout who thinks writing this kind of flowery bullshit which has nothing to do with the actual music will trick people into thinking he's an intelligent and deep individual who "truly understands" artists better than you despite his complete lack of creative output. He probably thinks he will one day win a pulitzer for his pretentious "music" journalism in which he ends up discussing "the nature of acting" in an article about an enjoyable indie pop album. I wonder if he recently auditioned for an authentic local play exploring a homosexual relationship?