Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Machete Red Band

This will be the greatest movie you ever see.


paddy said...

it comes out on my birthday!
its made for me!

Anonymous said...

No 'paddy said...' it is not. You are made for it.

Robert said...

Segal? Fucking Segal? Fuck yes.

Ian Human said...

And Lohan, Robert. Don't forget Lohan.

Paddy, if you organise a viewing of the film, as well ten pin bowling for your birthday, I will come.

FuckHeadOnline said...

Doesn't seem like Paddy is too interested in having you attending his birthday. You can come to mine if you are prepared to bring your mum/guardian along to sign the consent form at the start.

And if you could bring a present that'd be great.