Monday, August 2, 2010


Anonymous said...

This is the epitome of positivity and pure awesomenity overcoming fear and doubtfulness, it's ace, just look at their faces looking down at the ground.

The yellow one is saying
"fuck that's a long way down cunt"

and the orange one is saying
"yeah cunt, this is fuckin sick as eh".

Those gentlemen are probably like 34 years old now, with their BMX's rusting away in a smelly swamp out the back of where they lived when they were younger than they are now .

Though it is possible that the yellow one is still living with his grandma and rides his beloved BMX all day. That doesn't change the fact that he is older than he was when he was younger than he is now, and his bike would be rusty regardless - unless it's made from that alloy commodity known as aluminium, regardless - remember steel is real.

Anonymous said...

I was blotto when I wrote the above, I can't believe I was able to spell aluminium in that state.

Sick as.



Fly through the air, fuck cunts airborne version 3.2